Time to “Shift Your Season”

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In the face of the unprecedented plagues that grip our nation as I write this, the nature of the business climate has changed, dramatically.

In a matter of days, what was prosperous for many has quickly shifted to become worthless.

Now, uncertainties in the minds of great and small alike cause questions about the future. How do we recover? How do we restore what was lost?

Some businesses will successfully restart as they were. Others will need to be reshaped and reformed.

For some businesses, their season of success has now ended. They will never regain their previous levels of prosperity, and and may also leave behind numbers of unemployed.

If you are among the many now suddenly unemployed, It is you I want to speak to today – for you are now at a moment when you must ‘shift your season’.

Perhaps you’re already there.

Shift Your Season

The need to take on a new direction can be one of the most terrifying of life events.

You must first decide whether you will succumb to its sadness, or shake off the defeat and begin again.

My own story carries a similar chapter when I abruptly lost the means to my prosperity. The solution required a dramatic change in my professional season.

Most of my career was spent in corporate settings, working for larger companies. I was bound to their cultures and way of life.

When that relationship finally dissolved due to a buyout, I tried to regain my previous potential by plugging into similar settings. However, those opportunities weren’t there.

What ensued was a search for a new season of business success.

Be Your Own Business

I eventually concluded that I would have to go it alone. I tried becoming a sales representative. I found myself enamored with the prospect of high income, but my mindset left me unsuited for that pursuit I was still looking for the corporate security blanket.

Eventually, what took shape was the understanding that I was my own company. It was up to me to produce the results that would keep my enterprise in business.

I carried within me a brand, as it were, that was valuable and marketable. And it wouldn’t matter whether I was working for myself or for someone else.

I could go anywhere, but first I had to take off the cloak of the corporate subordinate and enter into a new season of personal excellence. I understood that I was worth something to myself and to whoever would want to use my services, outside of any corporate covering.

Now, the question may arise for you: “How do I make that transition”?

It took me some time to shift into my new season, but I’m offering you now the advantage of my experience to help activate your own Prosperity Factor.

Four Steps To Changing Your Season For Success

I have identified a four-step process that can help you transition from your former way into a new season of success.

The first step, The Shaking, you may have already experienced; the time when what you knew was brought to an end. How can you cope?

In the second step, The Settling, you seize the moment when the tumult calms down to set the stage for your new season.

In the third step, The Seeking, you discover your options and also the possible unknown potential you yourself may carry.

Finally, in the fourth step, The Solution, you devise your plan and out it into action.

Find a Seasonal Guide

Be assured, you won’t be doing it my way, but reforming your own way onto a path that will work for you.

To find out more, you can reach me at rick.stecker@groundstogrow.com.

To your Prosperity!

About the Author

Rick Stecker is a business branding coach, writer and speaker helping entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Rick’s first job after college was as a police reporter covering crime for a daily newspaper. Then came a stint on the high seas in Navy public affairs aboard an aircraft carrier.

What followed was 25 years in business and corporate communications at both the national and international levels. After a corporate buyout forced a career change, Rick tapped into his accumulated business experience, with all the challenges faced, lessons learned, and questions asked, and built a coaching and consulting business, Grounds To Grow Coaching.

Rick authored his first book “Making Choices Like A Champion” to help others grow their capabilities and enhance their performance. Rick is writing his second book, “The Entrepreneur and the Secret Book of Business Branding” to help entrepreneurs establish personal and professional brands. Rick also continues to write for the Internet, and can be contacted through his website www.RickStecker.com.