The Prosperity Attitude

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 From childhood, we are taught that if we work hard we will be more successful, and with success will come happiness.

Research in the field of positive psychology however indicates that those who believe this may have it all backwards – happiness FUELS success, not the other way around.

When we are positive, our brains are more fully engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, productive, and resilient.

This does not mean being 100% positive or ALWAYS happy (that’s not realistic, and frankly a little creepy). It means that “on balance” we are happier in our lives than not.

Being generally optimistic and having a positive mindset will ATTRACT and CREATE more opportunities – and happiness – into our lives.


Attitude is NOT Everything

There is a widely circulated notion out there (and more than a few motivational memes and posters) that declare “Attitude is Everything“.

The honest truth of the matter is, attitude is NOT everything. However, it is one thing that can make a tremendous difference.

“Your attitude is the paintbrush of your mind.” -John C. Maxwell


Why is this?

First of all, you cannot disconnect your attitude from reality and expect success.  Attitude alone will not accomplish anything.

Secondly, you can’t substitute attitude for competence. For example, many people confuse an attitude of confidence with actual competence. Competence reflects your actual ability.

Thirdly, an attitude is not a substitute for experience. Both competence and experience however, CAN be acquired.

Your attitude alone cannot change the facts. Simply believing a thing does not make it true, any more than simply wanting a thing makes it happen. Change requires action.

Your attitude cannot substitute for qualities of maturity and personal growth (see Experience above).


An Attitude In Motion

You are never more than a moment away from a bad attitude. Your attitude does not stay good automatically. You need to feed it, nurture it, and keep it moving forward.

The Newtonian law of momentum and motion seems to apply: “A body in motion tends to stay in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.”

In other words, it is easier to maintain and improve a positive attitude, than to regain it. Similarly, if you have positive momentum, it is harder for negative forces to slow you down or to divert you from your path.

The fact that having a positive, constructive attitude alone is not everything needed for success and Prosperity however, doesn’t mean that it isn’t really, REALLY darn important.


A Positive Recipe For Success

A positive attitude is indeed a key, powerful ingredient in anyone’s recipe for success, fulfillment, and purpose.

Your attitude certainly makes a difference in your approach to life – whether you see opportunities, or obstacles and burdens.

Your attitude clearly makes a difference in your relationships. Not only does your attitude shape and influence how you see and regard other people, it influences whether we seek to build them up, or deflate them and tear them down.

Having a positive attitude enables us to learn from each person we meet – and it makes others not only more open to your ideas and to share with you what they know, but to having you around!

Finally, your attitude makes a huge difference in how you face and address challenges.

So, while having a positive, prosperous attitude is not EVERYTHING that you’ll need to accomplish your goals and achieve Prosperity, it will certainly influence whether you think and believe that YOU CAN – especially in the face of those who think you CAN’T.


A Born Optimist

Like Prosperity, some people it seems are born to a sunny, cheerful disposition. Nothing ever seems to get them down, and they always see the best in any situation.

There’s definitely a connection. While some people seem to come by it naturally, like Prosperity a positive attitude is something you can learn – and MUST learn, in order to achieve Prosperity.

In truth, most of us can stand to improve and polish our attitude.

But how?

First, sit down and honestly evaluate your present attitudes.

Don’t excuse yourself with the reasons for your current attitudes. Just identify them. Mindfulness and awareness are the first key to creating and nurturing a Prosperity Attitude.

You must have a desire to improve. It’s up to you. No one can change your attitude for you. If you want the benefits of change, you must see and identify what needs changing – within yourself.


(Re)Program Your Mind

One tool to creating a more positive, Prosperity-oriented attitude is to change your thoughts. One way to do this is by changing your language.

Do you often (or usually) speak in the negative?  Are you always saying “I can’t”, instead of “I will”? 

“If it is to be it’s up to me.”

To improve your attitude you will need to change the programming language of your mind.

Attitudes are habits of thought. Any habit takes time to thoroughly take hold. You have to start, and practice.

Monitor and manage your attitude. Remember that maintaining the forward momentum of a positive attitude is easier than regaining it.

“Things turn out the best for people who make the best of the way things turn out.” — John Wooden

In other words, when life hands  you lemons – make lemonade!

Accept that you are responsible for your attitude. It is totally within your control. 

“If it is to be, it’s up to me.”

About the Author

Chris Nelson-Jeffers is website designer, builder and manager helping entrepreneurs and businesses bring their products and message to the Internet with ecommerce, tutorial and membership websites.

A serial entrepreneur and founding member of The Prosperity Project as well as a voracious reader and prolific writer, Chris is dedicated to bringing over 30 years of study and practice in the achievement of success and financial independence to as many people as possible, enabling them to achieve and live their dreams.

Chris’s first book “Success Secrets: Six Simple Steps To Achieving Amazing Wealth, Health & Personal Success” (under a nom de plume) is a quick-start manual to getting more of what you want out of life, and living the life you want. Chris can be contacted via his website at www.Breckshire.com