The Power of Prosperity

by | The Power of Prosperity

Prosperity: The Most Elusive Objective

The pursuit of Prosperity has perplexed men and women of every stature for centuries.

It may fall unexpectedly into the hands of some, who seemingly did nothing to achieve it – yet it eludes millions who continually labor hard with nothing to show.

Still, for a select few willing to go a step further, there are answers worth pursuing.

Welcome. Finding this website is not accidental. Pay attention.

The message in these pages may seem mysterious – yet once it is revealed to you, you will be startled – and empowered – by it’s clear and obvious simplicity.

This message – once heard, understood, and implemented – will make all the difference.

You have perhaps long envisioned what a prosperous life is like – a life of fullness and happiness. Such a life is now within reach.

Does this all sound impossible? Pie-in-the-skyish?

Every day, millions of people not much different from you, pick up the trail in pursuit of Prosperity.

Their dreams may not be precise, their direction not always perfect – because Prosperity itself may not be what they think it is, or what they have been led to believe.

By introducing this website, we signal the launch of our own pursuit to both learn and to share the truth about Prosperity, and we invite you to join us.

Perhaps we can help each other find that elusive Prosperity we all seek.

First, Start at the Beginning

We start by breaking down The Prosperity Factor, as we call it, into it’s component parts. Prosperity is a simple concept – and yet at the same time complex.

How then can we approach such a daunting task as achieving Prosperity? Like eating an elephant, we must do it one step at a time, beginning where we are.

Analyzing this surprisingly complex and often nuanced term reveals why for so many, achieving Prosperity has been so elusive.

Ask any ten people who seem to have achieved some level of Prosperity about how they did it, how they started and the steps they took along the way, and you will get at least ten different answers.

Yet there are commonalities, lessons we can learn from the experience of others that will guide us on our own way along the trail, perhaps avoiding the pitfalls and hazards that so often consume those who attempt to follow that same path.

I say “seem to have achieved” above because defining and calculating true Prosperity runs the gamut of outcomes, from being happy and comfortable in your current situation and status, to thriving beyond measure.

It is that disparity of experience, dear friends, that identifies most clearly the elusive nature of The Prosperity Factor. 

Prosperity and Wealth

The achievement most often associated with prosperity is wealth, or financial well-being and security.

Step back far enough however, and you will also see that Prosperity encompasses other elements, such as what we might term as Intellectual Prosperity, Emotional Prosperity, Spiritual Prosperity, and a host of others.

How many others can you name? Which one(s) do you most closely align and identify with at this moment?  Which one(s) do you aspire to? Leave us your thoughts in the comment area below this post.

But then, you might ask, isn’t Prosperity all about how you define the term? Cannot anything be defined as Prosperity? Can I sidestep the hard work of achieving Prosperity, just by declaring myself to have achieved it, to have arrived?

In a word, no. It’s not quite so simple, or you would not find yourself here.

It is the elusive, shape-shifting nature of Prosperity that accounts in part for the frustration most people experience in their pursuit of it.

You will start out for example by defining Prosperity in one fashion, and yet along the journey to that Prosperity, or even upon having achieved it, you will find that Prosperity redefines itself in your mind, revealing itself as something else, and existing perhaps ever just outside your reach.

In whatever way you describe Prosperity however, or however elusive it seems, Prosperity is still a goal that in all its complexity and fullness, is worth pursuing.

The Journey Forward

If you choose to join us on this journey, we will be sharing with you the true nature of The Prosperity Factor, its place in your life, and the steps you will need to take (and perhaps you’ve already take a few already – perhaps even many!) to enhance your current situation and move you along to the next leg of your journey.

So without further ado, let’s get started!