5 Ways To Unplug and Reconnect With Your Life

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Today we live in a digital world that increasingly leads us to lose our sense of reality.

Here are a few ideas on how to UNPLUG from your digital devices, and RECONNECT with the real world – and yourself.


The human body was built to move. Research shows that today’s sedentary lifestyles are at the root of many common diseases and conditions.

Exercise like yoga or running or even just walking briskly for a mile every day can be a great way to practice being in the present moment.

Research shows that when you exercise, you are more likely to increase the control of your mind. Exercising is connected with increased attention in school and academic scores. Not only is exercising good for us, but it also helps us reconnect with our physical body.


Meditation is not about chanting or stopping yourself from doing something; it is more about observing what is happening within you and around you.

A simple way to meditate is to sit down and focus on a sound in the room. When you catch yourself drifting from that focus, bring your awareness back to the sound. You can do that for 15 minutes at a time daily.

Don’t like the idea of meditation? Try prayer instead.


Journaling is an activity that can be done before bed and is a great way to learn about yourself.

Nowadays, there are useful journals that encourage thinking, or you can go simple and get a notebook and write your day in it or make it a gratitude journal.

Take a Class

Enroll in a local course. That way, you will spend your time learning something new with other people instead of wasting your time on social media.

Local colleges usually offer evening or weekend classes to the general public. There are a wide variety of options available to you, such as learning a new art, a foreign language, new recipes, or even an exercise class like kickboxing or dance.

Plan a Retreat

Plan a weekend retreat or a night away from home.

Try to find a place where you can be close to nature and reconnect with yourself.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive getaway; it can be a home vacation rental a few miles away from you. Try not to bring your electronic devices. Turn them off and leave them in the car.

Completely disconnect for 24 hours (at least). Journal. Read a book. Sleep.

Join a Club

Whatever your interest is, you can find a group of people in your area that have similar interests as you.

By joining a club, you will have less need to be on social media and you will have more success in your social life. In spite of our increasingly interconnected electronic world, people are re-discovering (and the research is confirming) that people NEED personal, face-to-face contact with other people. Try it.

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