3 Steps To Getting What You Want
Step 1

by Chris Nelson-Jeffers

Step 1 – You Have the Ability (Power) to Get What You Want

The first step to getting what you want in life is to know – utterly and without any doubt – that YOU HAVE THE ABILITY, the personal power within you, to achieve it.

This ability, this personal power to achieve the goals you set out for yourself, is not something you have to go out and acquire. It is something that you ALREADY HAVE INSIDE YOU.

Whether or not you believe it at this moment, it is true.

What About Manifesting?

There is an idea out there that in order to get something, all you have to do is to sit around and think (pray) very hard about it, and it will come (manifest) to you.

This is esoteric nonsense.

In order to get what you want, you HAVE to ACT.  You have to DO SOMETHING! That’s simply the way – the only way – that it works.

Does visualization help? Does imagining help? Does prayer help? Certainly. In fact they are essential. We’ll talk more about that in a little while.

You Have To ACT

The important thing for you to know, understand, and OWN right now, is that in order to achieve anything, in order to get what you want, you HAVE to ACT.

YOU. Not someone else – although the efforts of others will be involved. YOU have to act FIRST.

In order to act you must apply your personal and physical energies toward the achievement of your goal, whatever it is.

That energy, that personal power, can come from one and only one place – that is from within yourself.

Whether it is wealth, health, personal development, job and career, business, happiness, love or any other form of success and accomplishment you desire, you MUST apply your own personal, inner power and energy to achieve it.

Imagine that you want a sandwich.

You imagine that sandwich, what it contains, how delicious it is. You wish you had that sandwich, in your hand, right now.

Does a sandwich appear magically (manifest) into your hand?

No, it does not. You could sit there for days or weeks imagining, and that sandwich is not going to appear.

You must ACT on your desire. You must apply your own inner personal energy to get up out of your chair, walk over to the kitchen, obtain a few slices of bread from your supplies, take out whatever ingredients from the cupboard or the refrigerator that you want on your sandwich, and assemble them into the sandwich of your dreams.

Now it is true that if there is someone else in the room, and if that someone is inclined to act to make you a sandwich, they may do that – however YOU will still have to act FIRST, by applying your inner energy to articulate your desire for a sandwich, by asking the other person to make it for you, and to bring it to you where you sit.

Make no mistake. YOU must ACT to achieve your desires, whatever they are, by applying your inner energies and personal power FIRST.

Time Required

Now most of the goals and desires you may have are probably not as easy or quick to accomplish as the making of a sandwich.

Some in fact may take many years of effort.  Some may require that you first learn and become accomplished in a new skill, or become educated and trained in a particular topic. To achieve those things you may have to first go out and earn or borrow enough money to pay for the education, training, and physical resources to bring your goal to fruition.

However, the road may not be as long as you might think it, and you may not end up exactly where you thought you were going, once you get started.

Beginning on the journey to your goal will bring unexpected resources that may shorten your journey. You may discover alternatives and options that will alter or perhaps even change your planned destination.


The point again is that YOU must ACT. YOU must take that first step, no matter how small – then the step after that, and the one after that.

Set your objective in your mind, then keep moving forward. YOU will achieve the most amazing things. The power and the potential is within you, but power and energy alone do not produce a result. Power and energy alone are unrealized potential. For a result, energy and personal power must be APPLIED in a particular DIRECTION. There must  be movement – there must be ACTION.